Sunday, December 30, 2007

My New year resolution - 2008

1,Reducing beer drinking

[only I alone take beer week end,Last year i used to take with my friend Jitender,consistently i intake hot drinks too.]
So I decided to leave this habit.Only beer this year and alone.

2,Spend time to learn Tamil grammar this year and memorising Thirukkural.

3,Go to bed early and wakeup .

[Last year I used to go bed usually 12.30am,wake up time was 8.45am]

4,Control Anger,especially with my chatmates.

5,Always think positivly and enjoy the life every moments.

6,Reasonable social work i wanted to do this year.

7,Learning C#,Python and small application developing for mobile.

8.At midst of July 2008,I plan to buy HP Notebook.