Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Simple binding in Silverlight datagrid

Here I created a class name "Friends" and initialize its objects in declarative manner with generic class to bind the Silverlight datacontrol datagrid. public class Friends
        public string FirstName{get;set;}
        public string City {get;set;}

in MainPage.xaml file drag and drop the "DataGrid" control in canvas area and now code looks like below

In MainPage.xaml.cs copy the code

  List list = new List()
                new Friends{FirstName="Murugesan",City="NewYork"},
                new Friends{FirstName="NagaJothy",City="Kovil Patti"},
                new Friends{FirstName="TPK Senthilan",City="Chennai"}
            dataGrid1.ItemsSource = list;

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

SharePoint 2013 - Hello World

SharePoint 2013 Now allows the developer to develop Visual WebPart as "Sandbox Solution" and Visual Studio 2012 help the beginner to identify the Sandbox and Farm solution artifacts.
Here is my first WebPart in SharePoint 2013.

When you installed the Visual Studio 2012,By default it doesn't have "SharePoint 2013 Project templates".
You need to run Web Installer to download the SharePoint 2013 developer tools from the MSDN.