Monday, August 12, 2013

Moving the Files in SharePoint

I am trying to achieve the file or files from the Shared Document library to one of my target list item's folder.
You can use this code where you want to attach the files to List Item on run time.

Get the Item's ID by passing into GetItemById method of the Items collection to get the specific Item and its attachment folder then execute the

The below code is just a rough workaround.You need to check the Item's existence before execute code on it.

SPListItem mYItem = list.Items.GetItemById(aB);
 SPFile file = mYItem.File;
var exactUrl = mYItem.Attachments.UrlPrefix;
 file.MoveTo(exactUrl + file.Name, SPMoveOperations.Overwrite, false);



Friday, August 09, 2013

Multiple document upload link not visible

Recently I have updated my Windows 2008 R2 SP1 from Windows 2008 R2 for reinstall the SharePoint 2013 on my computer.

I have installed all the trial office products except Microsoft Office.When I am trying to work on Shared Document library,I have noticed the strange in "Multiple File Upload" application page.

Updated my IE 8 to IE 10.I didn't find the link but this time I have notice that link in blink mode and then Off.
Then I tested the same page in "Chrome" still there is no link visible for multiple file upload.

Then Installed Office,I tried to open the Shared Document library this time,my Internet Explorer pop up the window to add "Office Document Cache Handler".I added this "Add-On".
Now I am able to see the "Multiple File Upload & Drag and Drop" window in Shared Document library.

Thursday, August 08, 2013

Finding ListItem Id in ItemAdding event

Recently I wanted to work on the scenario where I wanted to find the "ListItem" Id in SharePoint list while "ItemAdding" event.

Its something like generating the auto Id or unique list Item id to be used in the custom application page.(.ASPX)
I googled and binged and I was informed  the stories which telling me "You can't be get ListItem Id on synchronous event,other message goes like "You can get null value or index value 0.

So my tendency is not allowing me the things goes off just like that . I spent few minutes to get the logic involved in the situation  to find the answer on my own.

In an half hour of time spent on this , I came up with the solution which will work on to finding the "ListItem Id" in ItemAdding event as well as when you delete the record from the List,
still you'll get the unique list Item id.

Simple thoughts on it,

Step 1: ( put logic in synchronous event receiver)

  1. Get the all rows in the SPListItemCollection (Assign to DataTable)
  2. Loop all Rows in the DataTable
  3. Add the rows which sharing the name "ID" into Generic List.
  4. Find the Max value in Generic list
  5.  Save this max value in PropertyBag
  6. Retrieve Property Bag value in your application page.
  7. Last but not least -> Add value +1 to your retrieved PropertyBag Value to predict the new ListItemId.

List arr = new List();
You have to update the PropertyBag in every event of the receiver to get updated value from the SharePoint List.

 public override void ItemAdded(SPItemEventProperties properties)
           SPWeb web = properties.Web;
                   SPList list = properties.List;
                   DataTable cols = list.Items.GetDataTable();
                   //int MaxVal =  Convert.ToInt32(cols.Compute("max(ID)", String.Empty));
                   if (cols.Rows.Count > 0)
                       foreach (DataRow row in cols.Rows)
                   var c1 = arr.Max();
                   properties.Web.Properties["UniqueVal"] = c1.ToString();
 public override void ItemDeleted(SPItemEventProperties properties)
           int deletedId = properties.ListItemId;
           SPList list = properties.List;
           DataTable cols = list.Items.GetDataTable();
           int MaxVal =  Convert.ToInt32(cols.Compute("max(ID)", String.Empty));

           if (deletedId == MaxVal)
               properties.Web.Properties["UniqueVal"] = Convert.ToInt32(deletedId).ToString();