Monday, May 18, 2015

build Tour in Mumbai Register

/build tour @ ITC Grand Central on June 8,2015.

Go and participate to learn "How to create the "Add-ins for Outlook" and Office Graph development through Visual Studio tool.

Add-ins for Outlook

Office Graph

Face to face discussion with speakers product managers and microsoft engineers.

Hurry on register now to get your seat.:

Monday, May 11, 2015

SharePoint 2013 MCSD Certification Path - HTML 5 and CSS 3

To get the MCSD certification, you have to complete the one of the exam "Programming in  HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3" exam code 70-480.

And you must be very specific the Microsoft's CSS3 notation and JavaScript simply forget about other browser compatibilities. 

Here is the narrow down on the topic for exam preparation go and prepare, if possible focus closely on simple things such as "

how to get the text value using jQuery and as well JavaScript.
When you code it I am pretty sure the difference between jQuery function, val(),text() and JavaScript function value();

Experienced developer often miss to catch new HTML5 specification, here is the index for to focus on the topics.

Here is the fantastic write up by "Chris" on these exam topics, so developer can focus on the topic defined from here.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

RevertToSelf authentication

SharePoint 2013 BCS uses the one RevertToSelf authentication to connect the external system behalf of currently logged in user (Impersonation).


This BDC authentication uses the IIS application pool account (Service account / SharePoint Farm account) for connecting the external system.

That means user can have full access permission on the external system as SharePoint Farm account.
This should not be used on deployment environment.

When revertToSelf should be choose,

  1. If you are using the SharePoint Foundation (No Secure Store option available)
  2. If you trust your designer.(Usually external content type designed through SPD)
  3. If you don't haver resources to user the Secure Store Service (Farm administration and prior knowledge on BCS authenticaion skills).

If you off the reverToSelf,your existing model still uses the reverToSelf,so you need to delete and re-create the model.

Thursday, May 07, 2015

Javascript property - Prototype

Javascript has its own inheritance approach that uses the "prototype" property of the object or function.

So you can re-use the code and as well you can create your property using this inheritance approach.

I have one function called "Person" and it has 3 parameters such as first name,last name and telephone.

But in the future,I wanted to add some more parameters and use the Person function without modifying them.

In this case, you can create the new parameters and extend it the Person function.

 function Person(firstname,lastname,age,telephone)  
            this.FirstName = firstname;
            this.LastName = lastname;
            this.Age = age;
            this.Telephone = telephone;

        var itsMe = new Person("Murugesa", "Pandian", "37", "2232323");
        Person.prototype.Name = function () {
            return this.FirstName + " " + this.LastName;
        Person.prototype.City = "Chennai";
        alert("Property" + Person.prototype.City);