Sunday, November 01, 2015

Design and Developing the SharePoint application - Approaches

If you are a traditional either seasonal SharePoint developer, now its time for upgrade your skills on new technologies like HTML 5,ASP.NET.MVC,Angular,Knockout JS,JQuery,WCF REST API, Entity Framework and WebAPI.

Because all application including the SharePoint application capable to cater its purpose to all devices like tablet,mobile and desktops.

Ultimately these programming approaches are perfectly fit for Cloud computing model.

Example: If you wanted to create a business process application that retrieves the data from the SQL and showing it on the screen, you should think about the layered approaches.
You must design around Entity Framework and exposing it through WCF and consuming through jQuery or REST API.

If you still stick with ASP.NET control and SQL related classes for your application, you will end up
with the traditional Client/Server model approach.
And subsequently your application cannot be upgraded or not to fit cloud including the O365.

Despite you have the latest Server OS and latest Network infrastructure  still you'will be running the application in backward compatibility.

ASP.NET controls and it their life cycle,Post back,manual request to get required response from the server all these conventional approaches are going to dying very soon.

So one should consider to learn the above mentioned programmings to stay alive and fit in the fast changing IT evolution.