Monday, February 11, 2008

Domain registrant's fradulent.

Cyber crime investigation officer,Mumbai

Respected Sir,

I am Murugesa Pandian.SP freelance web designer and programmer, Last year I register the domain name with one reseller from Mahim.When I am looking to renewal of the same
domain, I came to know that reseller from Mahim was not available and untraceable.

Meanwhile I got a call from one guy from Nagpur and asked me to renewal of this domain.
When I am intend to pay the charges Rs 360 /- for one year extension.

He asked me to pay for Rs 500/-.Actually now a days domain available for Rs180 to 330.
I confront with him over this charge. While I converse with him over the phone he abused me as I am a mental and he was a CYBER LAWYER and owner of

his phone number is : 9881133100

When I am sending multiple emails to his all email ids,all of them bouncing.

I asked him not to renew the domain and let it expire itself. He black mailing me that I should pay Rs 360 for which I paid for one year while I am registered this domain.

And he could block my domain name and re-registering this domain on his name. He illegally take over the control of his reseller whom I register the domain last year. hats why he was talking rude and unprofessional manner.

Regarding this, if you require some information i am willing to come there.

I request your high command, Please do the justice..!

Yours sincerely,
SP.Murugesa Pandian.