Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I justify " Raj Thackeray " was correct.But not his action.!

I justify " Raj Thackeray " was correct.But not his action.!
Please readout this point mindfully.
1,Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) leader Raj lashed out at Amitabh for his loyalty to Uttar Pradesh. Addressing a function at Dharavi, Asia’s biggest slum, on Friday night, he said the actor took more interest
in UP rather than Mumbai (Maharashtra) where he achieved superstardom.
Is it true ? if anyone(including Raj Thackeray) lashed out against Amitabh that will be considered as attack or remark against the North Indians ?
2,"I heard that Raj Thackeray owns huge properties in Maharashtra...In Mumbai...Kohinoor Mills.its statement uttered by Jaya bachhan.
As "Raj Thackerey replied to " that She (Jaya Bachaan aware the core real estate value on Kohinoormill and aware of who it was belonged to ? ")
Still I am wonder any one who intent to land aquisition or purchasing them before doesn't know about A to Z of the land and its owner?
Amithab's conscience will never spare him,the farmer's land acqusition in Maharastra and Utter pradesh and trying to enjoy the previlages under " Farmers " category..World knows this great sitcom.
Really Jaya bachaan doesn't know who is "RaJ Thackeray " ?
I am sure she was uttered this statment to insult Raj Thackeray.! World I mean,Indians[North Indian & South Indian] know the meaning of this .
But these are should be considered as the personal vendetta between her family Vs Raj Thackeray.
She should not think her personal issue with Raj Thackeray as tussel with Maharastrian Vs Immigrants(North Indians either South Indians).
She shouldn't have played her card with Samajwadi Party's behalf.It caused common man has to severly(taxi drivers,veg.vendors and etc..)
As our great politician " Lalu Prasad Yadav " mentioned "Raj was a lad in political game " . yes !Of course I accept he was a child...But He will become a great leader soon in Maharastra.
Personally I suggest Raj Thackeray played his card wisely and with little care on Amitabh's matter,he should drag this scnario as his personal war where as not tussel between Maharastrians and North Indians and and strongly opposed personelly..
If he does,there will be handfull support from NCP and some segment of Congress.
Anyhow its does not matter,Raj Thackeray stamped his role verily strong in Maharastra's political.
Think Big Raj Thackeray in coming election(s)...

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