Sunday, June 01, 2008

GridView Row Delete

How do retrieve the DataKey value from the Gridview ?
Please ensure your Gridview had DataKeyName properites setting.
OnRowCommand[ I set DeleMe method] event of the Gridview assign your method name.
This method takes Object and GridViewRowCommand as parameter to perform the task.
Example,If you want to delete a selected row from the Gridview,add the Linkbutton and text the "Remove" and its CommandName must be non than "Delete" and its CommandArgument,you can assign the primary key column value as <%#Eval("ecode")%>.
This LinkButton should be resides under Gridview's TemplateField and ItemTemplate.

My code goes like this..
protected void DeleMe(object sender, GridViewCommandEventArgs g)
if (g.CommandName == "Remove")
string ecode = g.CommandArgument.ToString();