Saturday, July 04, 2009

How to install PHP on IIS 5.1

I found the extracting the PHP source files into PHP folder in windows XP over PHP installer [Executing .exe file for the ISAPI extension].

Steps to install PHP 5.2.1 in IIS 5.1

Create the folder in C:\PHP.

Extract the compressed format "php-5.2.10-Win32" on the newly created folder.

give the permission for the folder C:\PHP by right click on the folder like you see here..
and do not forget to share the websharing option for the Share this folder option.

Now the major property setting is how the IIS is going to process the PHP script.
We can achieve this by setting ISAPI Filter as follows.

Now home directory setting for the PHP processes by IIS,Just see next to ISAPI Filter tab.

After completing this process,reset the IIS server by typing "iisreset" in command prompt.

type the script as follows to check IIS process the php scripting.


save this under C:\Inetpub\wwwroot as First.php

type the http://localhost/First.php

My setting works fine and got output as like this..