Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sharepoint BDC

Sharepoint BDC Architecture

BDC [Business Data Catalog] is a service which part of MOSS 2007.
Its an middle man between external datasources and Sharepoint service.
It manages how the data should be passed between outside datasources are like
SQL Server and WebService using Metadata to Sharepoint service.
Example "DUET" its an collaboration software between SAP and Microsoft Office.
From SAP,Sibel or any other RDBMS data source can be used to supply the information to
SharePoint portal.
For this BDC uses the metadata to describe the APIs of business application.
This metadata model abstracts the underlying physical sources an provides a consistent and simple model of business applications to Sharepoint Service.

Runtime Object Model allows you to create,read,update and delete metadata objects in the Shared Services database.