Thursday, April 19, 2012

VHD conversion to VMWare Image

Recently I wanted to install the SharePoint 2010 IW Hyper-V Image.I have downloaded the full software packed vhd format from the Microsoft site to be used on my Windows 2008 R2 trial version installed desktop. I wanted this package on my laptop too.Installed Windows 7 32bit OS. Initially I thought this will be easy to convert the .vhd file into VMWare image file format.vmdk.But later there I need to download the converter tool from VMWare site.It was about 108MB in size.After downloading this file I started to convert. You must have your Virtual Server is ON from this it will created the VMWare supporting format.Even one of my colleague tried to convert the "Remote Server" as vmdk format.It showed the dialog which says this tool must be installed on Remote server too. For security reason,We could not do this. After so long search,I found the simple and powerful tool "WinImage". Learn more about this tool from this link .vhd to vmdk Converter