Friday, October 26, 2012

ADO.NET Entity Framework in WCF

Recently I have got an idea to implement the ADO.NET Entity Framework in SharePoint environment.
I need to workaround the thousand hundred of records to be searched,filtered and sorted.
Gone through the best practices and planning for dealing with huge data in MSDN and googled. Learner so many characteristics of  BCS and Excel Services in SharePoint.
But none of these approaches were not fit into my requirement. I decided to go with my own idea and implementation.
Frankly speaking, combining the WCF,ADO.NET EF and Hosting the WCF with ADO.NET EF in SharePoint is not simple things as I thought in ASP.NET and the guidelines for the same also verily limited in forums.

Most probably, My blog will be the first one to talk[with code implementation] about all technologies said above.

Soon I update the code snippets here..