Sunday, February 17, 2013

Reminder Workflow in SharePoint Designer

For sending the reminder email notifications to the workflow participant,I would prepare to create a separate workflow as I do not want to disturb the business logic in core workflow. In main list,I have associated the core workflow and The secondary workflow for sending the reminder email. When the core workflow sending by default email,I simply capture the some of its columns in another list along with "ReminderCount". In my new list "Reminder",column reminder count will be set to 1 and then some pause until some defined timeline. Activity 2 : [Create Item] It will create a list item in the list "Reminder" as soon as core workflow triggered. In output to variable workflow will create the variable [UpdatedId - I just renamed] which is used to store the item id of the "Reminder" This ID will be used for updating the ReminderCount in this list later. Activity 3: I just logged the message for ensure the newly created item id in the "Reminder" List. Activity 4: Pausing for some time to get response from approver. If approver didn't respond to his task within time. Activity 5 Here I do calculation for reminder count.Just retrieve previous the value of the "Reminder Count" column and adding to 1. For retrieving the previous value of "Reminder Count" I simply used the List ID and its value from the workflow created list item id. Activity 6 : Using the Update List Item,for this I just updating the item [Reminder Count] by passing the workflow created item id (UpdatedId) and its value which is calculated from the previous activity (calc1).