Friday, May 16, 2014

SharePoint 2013 - App Publishing

When you are trying to publish the SharePoint App in SharePoint environment, there is couple of way to do.
First one,If you have administrator account to install the App in the site collection, you can deploy them manually by uploading the App Package (.app) file.

In your Office 365 account, you will find the SharePoint's new site collection type "App Catalog" there you can upload the package file to distribute the app within your tenancy.

But if you want to publish the Apps only for your company or specific user group then you need to have the App Catalog in your on-premise SharePoint farm.

In this case,you need to create the site collection "App Catalog" from the CA page or through PowerShell cmdlets.

Before proceeding this step,ensure you already configured the required app development configuration on your server.If you are about to configure please follow this link
Set up the development environment for SharePoint 2013

Creating App Catalog site in central administrator site.
Navigate to Central Admin site--> under apps header-> Manage App Catalog --> Create new app catalog
SharePoint App Publishing - figure 1

SharePoint App Publishing - figure 2

You can also choose to create the site through SharePoint PowerShell command.

New-SPSite http://win-49qfnhnl4fj/sites/AppCatalog -OwnerAlias "Local\Murugesan" –Template "APPCATALOG#0"

If you are planning to sell your app in market place then you must have to register in "Seller Dashboard"