Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Microsoft Sign In assistant window not closing in Visual Studio.

When I was trying to create the SharePoint Provider hosted app in SharePoint on my fresh installed Windows 2008 R2 SP1, Visual Studio 2013 Ultimate Update 4 and Internet Explorer 11.

I encountered the strange issue,
When I am about to deploy this app on my Office 365 developer site,
IE window doesn't close after the authentication completed successfully which caused Visual studio cannot deploy the app and waiting with the status bar message "Deploy Started".
But it didn't go nowhere.

Internet Explorer window not closing on Validation in Visual Studio - SharePoint App,Office 365

Honestly, to resolve this issue I am clueless to put the exact keyword in google or bing.
Then I posted this on MSDN Forum and got answer to this weird yet strange issue.
You need to update the registry with new key/value "

Create the RealTimeIsUniversal key and set the value to "0"


I thought ,It could solve this problem,after this still the internet explorer window doesn't closes after authentication completes.

Now the error with different notation.

Then I noticed my TimeZone and the date and time is different than each other.
So I corrected my time and time zone to UTC 5.30+ and restarted my server.
Now visual studio able to close the Microsoft Sign in Assistant window after successful authentication.