Sunday, February 14, 2016

File recover approach from SharePoint Template.

Disclaimer : Its a low level file recover approach from the SharePoint template.

Here I wanted to show you how to recover or retrieve the documents from the SharePoint template.
SharePoint template(.stp) is a just an zip file format. You can rename its extension to .CAB or Zip.
If you have utility installed on your system, you can simply extract to destination folder.

Once you extracted you will see the file names with scrambled and its extension will be .000.

Manifest file along with extracted files are the master file, that you have to refer the file name and its index position.
So you can rename the file with proper extension to recover the file.
You can also automate or create the utility based on this steps using C#,FileSystem and Compression class.
If you want to record the meta data then "Rows" node will be the best place to parse through code.

Here is the steps, watch this video,