Friday, March 25, 2016

Updating the Managed Account in SharePoint

Apart from updating the SharePoint 's Managed account through Administration site , here is an alternate way of updating the managed account through SharePoint Power Shell commands.

All we know the importance and best practices of using the SharePoint Managed account to provisioning the SharePoint Service Application in the Farm.

But in my local machine that elevated to Domain controller, Always I used to provision the System Account (Administrator) . So this account can be undergoes the password expiration policy on the Domain Controller Policy.

When you change or updates the account that has been used for provisioning the SharePoint Service Application on the farm , then updated password cannot be propagated to all services in the Farm.

Because the Service Application name,id, Application Pool Id, Managed Account and its credentials will be stored on the Config database and as well as in the IIS settings.

When I was trying to configure the SharePoint App development on my local machine , I have gone through many errors those not allow me to deploy it through Visual Studio.

Even though App Management Service , Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Subscription Settings Service Application Proxy , and DNS settings for App development all are configured still the errors prop up and does't allow me to go ahead.

Upon digging more on the error log , I found there are no "App Fabric ,distributed cache services" are not provisioned and the password for App Management service application also not updated in the Service level.

And also I am using the another farm account that not been used to provisioning or installing the SharePoint.

So the outline is to update all service applications and their's account( Managed) credentials.
use the

Set-SPManagedAccount -ExistingPassword "

and pass the existing account identity and is password as shown in the image.