Monday, April 09, 2012

Where is the love for InfoPath

One of the best blog over the Info path and its development aspects,I came across this blog. where-is-the-love-for-infopath It almost speak the real time development issues by most of the MVPs and not just pros and cons some of the blog entry those without going actual experimental. An year ago,I was part of the team to develop the complex custom workflow using visual studio.At initial point we used the merely "approve/reject" option.Later the requirement need to incorporate to capture the "Life Cycle" of multiple workflow those are attached into document library,and wanted to use "Managed Meta Data" on all the user's comment and ratings over the document. we shocked and stalled whether these are possible in Info Path. Moreover,Configuring the info path for client side also is not easiest one.Every time we ended up with strange error. Some point,we could not identify the actual errors on Logs either Windows Event log. Cost issue also raised on that time,Client was very conscious on budget at one point they are not ready to go single license to adopt the Info Path strategy. So we withdrawn the Info Path form development and put placed Custom ASPX form with all requirement that almost replicate the info path's layout/rules/action and enhanced rich features on the "Approval/Reject Form". But I still love the info path where you don't need high complex business logic to be applied and ready to limiting the features to adopt Info Path.