Sunday, April 08, 2012

Spicy matter

Now i am wainting to board spicejet from madurai to mumbai.
I am very fond of spicy masala from my wife's hometown.Here in Mumbai I used to put the readily available and packaged masala on mutton.I end up unsatisfactory dinner.This time,my wife prepared the handmade and exactly mixature of the masala.Actually i forgot and boarded the bus to airport. when computer scanned my bag,I was told to come otherside to openup the bag.First moment I really shocked and security cop asked me "what  was inside my package". I simply replied
a couple of SharePoint related books and an book titled Cloud computing on SharePoint.He again insisted me that I had any food items to have on board.I smiled at him and continue my coversion with him in Hindi.
I remembered after Few minutes thai i had 2 packages of coriander powder and red chilli powder.Despite I aware of these stuffs are not allowed pn board ,i simply forgot.They cancelled my boarding pass and asked me to put my bag in luckage and made new boarding pass.Today this flight was late by one hour.:)-