Monday, February 24, 2014

Bar Code generation in SharePoint 2013

As part of information security policy in your SharePoint 2013,you impose the Bar code generation for each of your documents in Document Library and List.

To activate this go to your Central Administrator site click on "Security" link (_/security.aspx)
Security Policy in SharePoint 2013 - Bar Code generation

Click on "Configure Information Management Policy"
It will navigates to "_admin/Policyfeatures.aspx",there click on "BarCodes" link

SharePoint 2013 - Bar Code generation Information Policy

Save your settings.

Now go to your site and document library setting page,Under "Permission and Management" header click on "Information Management policy settings" Click on the "Document" content type"

Create your custom policy and enable the "BarCodes" feature.

Not to use the "Label" option which is considered to be less security feature and MS decided to deprecate in near future.

SharePoint 2013 - Bar Code generation - Information Policy Settings
Ok now you have your own custom policy in place,Upload new document to your library or add new list.
Check in "Edit Properties" mode or View Properties it will generates the bar code for that item.