Monday, February 24, 2014

Site Closure in SharePoint 2013

New feature in SharePoint 2013 called "Site Closure" Policy lets you to decide whether you want to delete as soon as you hit the delete or mark them as "Closed" and eventually deleted automatically.
Once the site has been marked for "Closed",still member can access the site with read-only.

You can also configure the site "Close and delete automatically".This will allows you to set the close event like when (Number of year,days and months) the site has to be deleted from the creation date and delete event after the site site has been marked "Closed".

You can  configure whether the site owner gets email notification before the site gets deleted and let the site owner can extend the number days from the site gets deleted.

This can be done through by creating the the "Site Policy".

Go to your site settings->Site Collection Administration->Site Policies

Screen shot

SharePoint 2013 - Site Policy,Site Closure and Deletion steps

Once you created this policy go to Site Setting->Site Administration->Site Closure and Deletion

Under Site policy drop down list,you will see the newly created policy select and click ok to attach the policy for that site like this screen.
SharePoint 2013 - Site Policy,Site Closure and Deletion steps