Monday, February 24, 2014

SharePoint 2013 boundaries and Limits

Aggregated these lists from various sources to learn and helping the user who search for specific information on SharePoint boundaries and limits.

These list are limitations only but Microsoft periodically inform or update this by testing and executing and releasing as supported limit.But its best to stick to limitation.
Supported limit can be differ and depends software and hardware upgrade.

  1. Farm Level
    Limiting the Web Application within 20 for each Farm is the best approach.
  2. Zone
    By default, 5 zones are defined by SharePoint.Its up to your design and requirement to use required zone for your business.
  3. Managed Path
    Each managed path will have its own cached portion in Web Server thus it requires reasonable CPU resources and RAM resources.Limiting up to 20 is best approach.
  4. Solution Cache
    Each web application can hold the cached data sized up to 300 MB and exceeding this will result of diminished performance.
  5. Application Pools
    10 Application pools for each WFEs.You can plan grouping the same characteristic web applications to share the same application pool to ease of load on WFE.
  6. Content Databases.
    500 for DBs for each Farm and exceeding this will increase the load on administrative tasks on the DB. Always use the Power Shell to manage SharePoint DBs.
  7. Content Database Size
    200 GB per database is supported (exceeding this causes the unexpected behaviour) and recommended size will be 100 GB for smooth site backup and restore operation.Disk subsystem performance of 0.25 IOPS per GB minimum, with a preferred value of 2 IOPS per GB for optimal performance.
  8. Site Collection size
    A single site collection can use the whole space allocated to it.That is up to 100GB in size.
  9. Site Collection per content database
     Maximum 10,000 site collection supported to per database exceeding this will be complex for upgrade process.
  10. Website collection per site collection
    Supported sites under site collection is about 2,50,000
  11. List and Library items
  • 8000 bytes per row
  • 30 million items per list.
  • Supported file size is 50 MB but can be increased upto 2GB.
  • 30 Million documents per library (400,000 Major versions and 511 minor version)