Monday, February 24, 2014

Types of SharePoint 2013 App

(SharePoint App) is the official name for apps you build and deploy

to SharePoint.
SharePoint Solution (.wsp)
.APP extension(.app )

The SharePoint App is a cloud-centric development model — one where the code does not reside on the same server as SharePoint.
This model mitigate the growing problems that server-side code typically Performance issue on site loading.

Types of SharePoint App

The Autohosted app is a lightweight cloud-hosted application that
auto-deploys code into Windows Azure and then surfaces this code within SharePoint 2013
When you deployed this app model,your code will be execute inside the special office 365 instance from Windows Azure.

SharePoint Hosted App
This app is consist of static html files and javascript to communicate with Office 365(a.k.a SharePoint Online) hosted list data.

Simply this app is nothing but with no server code.
You can leverage the JSOM and Silverlight on this hosted model.
To develop SharePoint hosted app,try Office 365 trial account

Provider Hosted:
Versatile and flexible app model than the above all models.
Your code runs in different domains each will be connected in cloud environment.
You can create / host application other than microsoft technologies in to SharePoint environment.
OAuth Authentication will be used between sharepoint and other application.