Monday, February 09, 2015

Exam 70-488 - Implement Authentication and Authorization in SharePoint 2013

70-488 Exam preparation guide on "Implement Authentication and Authorization in SharePoint 2013".

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I am preparing this notes for understanding the exam syllabus and co relating the each aspect with my real time experience , so I am firmly hope it will be useful for developers who wants to take exam and updates them quickly without spending much time.

In this document I covered the below topics with screenshot, brief notes and my own screenshot which is tested on my local VM before to understand the theory.

  1. Creating custom claim provider
  2. Details about default Identity Provider
  3. Kerberos Authentication in SharePoint 2013
  4. Microsoft Single Sign - On Assistant for Client application authentication
  5. How to deploy the claim provider in the SharePoint Farm.
  6. App authentication and Authorization.
  7. App authorization - Types of Policy
  8. OAuth - How to and When to use.
  9. TokenHelper Class
  10. Updating / revoke the App Permission.

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