Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Issues fixed in SharePoint 2010 SP1

When you are working on SharePoint 2010 and got the below listed any of the  error and stumbled upon searching the solution for these issues and found nothing,

Then its time for your to update your SharePoint 2010 Farm with SP1 Package.

ü  When you issue an SPQuery that uses list joins and projections, the query returns a "One or more field types are not installed properly ... " error message.
ü  On Galician blog sites, the date box on the left side of a blog entry shows the month and the day reversed.

ü  When you click "Test Link" in the Image Viewer web part,  the browser crashes.

ü  Users experience publishing failures.

ü  When you send a meeting request that has an exception to a SharePoint calendar, only the last exception is displayed on the Calendar. If you try to send that same meeting request again, the last exception is duplicated, and the duplicate event cannot be deleted.

ü  When you delete a folder that is inside a list, attachments to the list items that are contained in the folder are not deleted.

ü  The JAWS screen reader reads ribbon menus incorrectly in Firefox.

ü  Right and left alignment icons in the Ribbon are mirrored incorrectly in "right-to-left" language versions.

ü  Before SP1, you could not have some pages rendered in Internet Explorer 9 document mode (instead of Internet Explorer 8). Starting with SP1, a control is available that lets you set individual pages to be rendered in Internet Explorer 9.

ü  Calendar view is not rendered correctly when the browser window is resized.

ü  If a SharePoint managed account is removed in Active Directory, the account cannot be unregistered from SharePoint.

ü  When you try to search in Help as a non-administrator, no results are returned.

ü  URLs to documents in document libraries are very long and include the Source parameter when the URL is copied (e.g., by right-clicking and selecting Copy Shortcut). In SP1, the Source parameter is not included in a copied URL, so the URL is much shorter.

ü  On a single page, if a combination of a CAML list view (or any non-XSLT list view, such as Calendar) and an XSLT list view (list or document library) is present and Group By views is enabled on the XSLT view, a problem occurs when groups in the XSLT list view are expanded. After a page refresh, a script error occurs and the groups cannot be expanded again.

ü  When you use the Backup-SPSite Windows PowerShell cmdlet with the -UseSqlSnapshot parameter, an error occurs.

ü  After a user changes a doclib content type field from required to hidden, they cannot check in a file of that content type.

ü  The Quick Launch is difficult to navigate using accessibility tools.

ü  Before SP1, the Title field on attachments was a required field. Therefore, users had to supply a title to save a document. Starting with SP1,  the Title field is no longer a required field.

ü  Group owners cannot delete the SharePoint groups that they own.