Wednesday, March 02, 2016

SharePoint Farm credential expired - Solution


strictly this solution is not intended for staging servers.

Sometime, your SharePoint development environment configuration account's password might have expired. especially as a developer, you need to switch the different account on the same time to test user context based application or SharePoint Add-Ins development. You cannot use the System account to develop the SharePoint App on the server.

In that case, you might try to use the STSADM command to update the farm credential, but the STSADM command window flicks and disappear.

Or trying to change password or reset the same in SQL Server, still you are not able to use it as you have only the system account or Administrator account on SQL with Windows authentication.

Here is the simple solution, But its not recommended approach on the staging server.

Open your IIS Manager, and check all the application pool that uses the password expired account,usually "Administrator" on development machine.

Select the application pool , on the right hand side, click on the "Advance Settings", change the application pool identity with another account and set back the same account which password expired earlier.
Now ensure all services (SQL Server,SQL Server Agent,SQL Browser and SharePoint Administrator) are all up and running by going through "Services.msc" from RUN command window and started all sites in the IIS.

After reset the same account, you can reset the IIS and check the site or central administrator site, it will open.