Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Composed Looks in SharePoint 2013

Apart from "Designer Manager" in the SharePoint 2013, another remarkable  new feature in SharePoint 2013 branding side is "Composed" look that enables the site owners to change their site's look and feel as they wanted in just click of selecting the predefined template.(Theme).

The word composed means putting all the design elements such Master Page,Layout page,font,colour and background image and make the design template.
Later you can apply this template for your site.

If a Site collection administrator wanted to differentiate the each site under the site collection ,he /she could prefer to use the different composed looks.

To start this click on gear button on the site and click-->Change the look.

How this made up ?

Navigate to Site Settings-->Under web designer galleries->Click on Themes
There you will see the folder 15 (default theme applied on your site currently).Under this folder you will see the font scheme (.scheme),color palette (.spcolor) .

The combination of these file makes the  dynamic views on the SharePoint layouts (Title,WebPart Title,Dialog border,TopBar Text and Navigation related elements).

Here is the snapshot of the .spcolor file

Font scheme file snapshot