Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Client Side Rendering in SharePoint 2013

Client Side Rendering in SharePoint 2013

Client Side Rendering - Part 2
Client Side Rendering - Part 3

SharePoint 2013 is not just for traditional SharePoint developer or ASP.NET programmer,  The main success of the SharePoint 2013 is ,It allows the all non Microsoft developer
to develop their respective technologies and integrate them with the SharePoint framework.

Client Side Rendering is one of the new addition to SharePoint. We all aware that all controls in the SharePoint has been developed based on ASP.NET controls.
But when it comes to rendering it on the browser, all controls are treated as HTML controls.

Almost all developer and designer or any department IT guys knows the basics of HTML and JavaScript nowadays.

I have seen many times a hard core SharePoint developer lacks behind when it comes to Page design, Content Management (WCM) or any other UI/UX develoment on their site.

Often this task has been outsourced to other team who specialised in web design or web developer come into SharePoint team.

This is huge win for SharePoint and Microsoft.The new concept "Design Manager" in SharePoint 2013 is fully belongs web developer community.

In this posts,I am going to talk about all the scenario where web developer part of the SharePoint implementation.

Client Side Rendering is one of the breakthrough changes introduced in the SharePoint 2013.

The term CSR is all about how the SharePoint data has been transformed using the HTML and JavaScript instead of the XSL/XSLT in its predecessor.

So the performance on the page loading has been increased drastically. Earlier XSLT and CAML has been used and processed on the server and send back to client, this has been burden some to server.

Learning the XSLT was one of the toughest choice for  novice programmer.

All these problems has been addressed and answer is "Client Side Rendering" or "Display Template" in SharePoint 2013.

The word "Display Template" is being used only for formatting or controlling the SharePoint Search result on Page or WebPart. But still its considered to be CSR.

Ok, Now we get in to CSR or Display templates technical details.