Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Configuring the basic search in SharePoint 2013

In this article , I tell you how to configure the very basic search setting on the SharePoint 2013.
I assume , the Search Service application has been started on your server and good to go further to configure.

First on my site, I typed the keyword in the search text box and hit the search icon and my result was first time its looks so.

Go to Application ManagementàManager Service Applicationà Click on the “Search Service Application”à
Now my search configuration shows nothing is configured to be crawled.

Your first step is to create search functionality in your site is specify the “Content Sources” to be crawled by the Search Engine.
On the Search Service Admin page, on the left navigation menu select the “Content Sources” from the Crawling header.

On Manage Content Source page, Local SharePoint sites are configured by default content source. In this case, I do not have any crawl history. Go and click on the “Start all Crawls” link.

There are two types of crawl in SharePoint Search.
Full crawl and Incremental Crawl.

 Every time you start or the crawl, engine will crawled on the configured data source and store it on the “Crawled database type”. You can find it on the search service management page.

You can also have on control on what site can be crawled. Example you can exclude the HR Site or Finance department site from the crawling and searched by the end user.

To manage this, click on “New Content Source” and type the site name that wanted to be crawled and searchable in the SharePoint.
After I started the crawl now my search management dashboard looks like this,

and I am able to see the crawl history on the content source page.

Now go back to your site and type the keyword in the search text box. Now you’ll be able to see the Search Result.